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Decrypting a file using GPG4Win (Kleopatra)

You need need to decrypt a file that was previously encrypted using your public key using GPG4Win


  1. Launch Kleopatra; from the File menu, select “Decrypt/Verify Files…”
  2.  You be given a standard file chooser dialog, select the file you need to decrypt.
  3. After select the file, you’ll need to choose where the encrypted data will be saved.  By default, this is the user’s profile directory and probably not where you want it go.  Click the button to the right of the “Output folder” field and select a new location.  Then click the  “Decrypt/Verify” button.
  4. You will be asked for your private key’s passphrase, which you specified when you created the key; enter it and click OK.
  5. If the decrypted file would overwrite an existing file, you’ll need to confirm that you don’t care about the old data by clicking “Overwrite”.
  6. Decrypting the file can have 1 of 3 results (assuming you entered the correct passphrase, of course):
    • If the file is signed, you have imported the sender’s public key, and marked that key as trusted, you should see a screen like this:
    • If the file is signed but you either don’t have the sender’s public key, or have not trusted that key, you will receive a warning about not being able to validate the signature
    • If the file is not signed at all, it will just be decrypted.
  7. Once you click OK, the decrypt wizard will close and you can find your decrypted data in the folder you specified in step 3.

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