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Deploy GFI MaxBackup Backup Manager Agent on Multiple PC’s

You want to install the Backup Manager agent on multiple PC’s during a GFI MaxBackup installation.


Use the Cloud Management Console to deploy Backup Manager via a Push to each PC.

There is a caveat, to do this you must have Backup Manager on at least one of the systems on the network that you need to deploy Backup Manger from at the customer site.

  1. Launch Cloud Management Console.
  2. Locate the system that is on the network you need to deploy Backup Manager to.
  3. Right click on the system and select Remote Installation>Start Scanning
  4. The Remote installation credentials dialog box opens. Enter valid credentials for the network. (e.g. DOMAINuser)
  5. You should receive a results dialog stating that the command was sent. At this time you will need to wait for the scan to run in the background this may take a minimum of 30 minutes depending on the network size it may take longer.
  6. After the scan completes you will right click on the system in the Cloud Management Console and select Remote Installation>Show Child Devices. Once you have done this it will show the child devices in Cloud Management Console with an auto generated Device name.
  7. Select all of the child devices and Right click on them and select Remote Installation>Start Install
  8. You will be prompted for install credentials and for your encryption key enter them and click ok. Note Install credentials will need to be an admin user on the network that you are installing.
  9. You will receive a results Dialog stating that the command was sent. Now the Backup Manager is being deployed.

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