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Determine an ISP using Traceroute

You need to know the ISP for a network.


The easiest solution is just to traceroute the WAN IP of the network to determine which ISP they use. You can use traceroute (Linux/UNIX), tracert (Windows), or a web-based traceroute. We’ll use the later in this article.

  1. Determine the WAN IP. If you are monitoring the network using a tool like Kasaya or GFI MAX RMM, you’ll be able to see the “public” IP (WAN IP) of a monitored device.
  2. Go to the Monitis Traceroute Tool, which is web-based. Personally, I prefer using this tool because my local ISP often blocks things that aren’t blocked for Monitis.
  3. Enter the IP as a URL in Monitis Traceroute Tool, e.g.,
  4. Watch the traceroute results to determine the ISP.

Here, we can assume the ISP is AT&T since att.net routers are the last several hops.

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