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Determine Why Windows is Crashing

Your Windows PC is crashing, usually producing a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), and possibly rebooting. You aren’t sure why. You may have also noticed some slowdowns, weird lockups, etc.


You need to figure out what is causing your Windows computer to crash. You can do this via the ‘reliability’ tool and WhoCrashed.

I am using Windows 7 Pro for this example.

First, let’s see how often your Windows PC is crashing.

  1. Log into your PC.
  2. Click on Start and click inside the Find Box.
  3. Enter the text”reliability”. (You can also access this command at Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsAction CenterReliability Monitor).
  4. You’ll see a result similar to the image below. Notice that I am being show a timeline of errors and informational events. Very helpful to determine if this is a one-time or recurring issue.

Second, let’s figure out what caused the crash that just occurred on my laptop.

  1. Download and install WhoCrashed from Resplendence Software. I used the free home edition for this example.
  2. Run WhoCrashed.
  3. Click on Analyze.
  4. Review the Crash Dump Analysis section. This section will report on all crash dumps found on your computer. (To enable crash dumps, read our article on the topic.)
  5. In this example, my network driver is causing issues. I should look for either an updated version, or, if that is not available, consider downgrading the driver and seeing if that helps.

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