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Scan a Single Computer Using Network Detective

You want to document a single computer using Network Detective.


In the case where a site is not using Active Directory and you want to inventory a set of computers, it’s best to do it PC-by-PC.

NOTE: For best results, you need to run Network Detective as a Local Admin on the PC.

  1. Log into the target Windows PC.
  2. Open a web browser and download the ND agent. (For Puryear, it’s at http://puryear.wpengine.com/nd .)
  3. Download and run the program.
  4. The program will want to extract. Click Unzip.
  5. After unzipping, the program will run after a few moments. You may get a complaint about not running as an Admin. That’s okay since we’re not doing an Active Directory scan, so click Yes.
  6. Change Network Data Collector to Local Computer Data Collector. Also select Security Data Collector.NOTE: You must perform at least ONE Network Data Collector on a network, or it’s impossible to use the output of ND. If this is the first PC in the network, then include Network Data Collector as well!

  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Next through the User Control Tests.
  9. The default location for the results file is the desktop. Click Start.
  10. The analysis phase will run. In single computer mode, this usually only takes a minute or so.

Once completed, you’ll need to upload the results file. The best method is to email the results file to yourself.

If you scan an entire network like this, PC-by-PC, you’ll have one uploaded results file per PC.



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