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Why doesn’t the Local SpeedVault in GFI MOB speed up my backup job?

You are using GFI Managed Online Backup (MOB) and have the SpeedVault option configured. You haven’t noticed the backup speed improve.


The SpeedVault only is a copy of the files which you are backing up to the Cloud. The files are replicated to the SpeedVault as they are backed up online. Logic would tell you that the backup goes to the SpeedVault and then the Cloud, but that is not correct here: The backup job still is limited by the upload bandwidth.

It is recommended if you have limited upload bandwidth  that you seed the backup to a portable drive and bring it to a location with sufficient upload speeds.

The main functionality of the SpeedVault is so when a file restore is needed it does not have to be downloaded and can be restored from the local onsite copy.

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