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Extending the Time on Your Windows 2008 Trial License

You need to increase the time on your Windows 2008 trial license.


Occasionally you need to bring up a new server before you’ve got all the necessary licensing taken care of; and if something goes wrong with the license purchase, you can run into an issue where a machine that recently became mission critical for someone else is threatening to turn itself off if you don’t plug in a license key.  But there is a way to give yourself some extra time to get everything in order.

Log on to the server in question and open a console (I use PowerShell but it should work from cmd as well).

Run the following:

C:> slmgr.vbs /rearm

This tells Windows to reset it’s licensing state, essentially giving you another 30 days; you just need to reboot the machine for this to take effect.  Supposedly you can even do this 2 more times if your retailer and/or accounts payable department are being especially annoying but I’ve never put that to the test.


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