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File Sharing

Improve collaboration and increase productivity with secure and seamless Cloud File Sharing services.

We know that the way you do work is changing. Employees are no longer simply stuck behind desks, completing tasks on PCs and working within the same office. Workforces are mobile, getting work done from wherever it’s most convenient. This requires the right applications of the industry’s latest innovation: The Cloud.

Is The Cloud Right For Your Business?

Given how new the technology is, it’s understandable that businesses are often hesitant to make use of it. How can you be confident that it’s safe? How do you know which applications of Cloud tech are right for your business? Puryear IT is an industry leader in helping business migrate to Cloud-based solutions, so let us help your business make the most of this new technology! When you leverage the power of cloud-based file sharing, you’ll get work done faster than ever before.

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How Can Cloud-based File Sharing Help Your Business?

The bottom line of Cloud-based file sharing is that you have far greater access to your data, with no compromise in security- it’s the best of both worlds. File sharing services from Puryear IT allow you to:

  • Protect your data from unauthorized access with encryption, authentication, and other security features designed to keep your sensitive information safe. Most consumer Cloud services — like Dropbox and Google Drive — do little to protect your info. With Puryear IT as your Cloud provider, you get high-end encryption to keep your data safe while in transit.
  • Set specific levels of access for different users. Confidential data will be shared with only the employees or clients you select.
  • Keep greater control over your files with the ability to wipe mobile devices and users that shouldn’t have access to the data. We can also help you lengthen file retention periods so that your data remains recoverable long after an employees accidentally deletes it!
  • Improve productivity by easily working on projects or completing tasks from any configured device or workstation at any location.
  • Maintain compliance with industry-set regulations regarding data usage and access.

Your business deserves every advantage to stay ahead of the game – and with secure and convenient file sharing solutions, you’re able to get work done from wherever it’s most convenient for you.

Get in touch with Puryear IT at info@puryear-it.com or (225) 706-8414 to discuss smart IT solutions for your business.

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