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How to fix “The specified network name is not available” error in AppAssure Replay 4

The Dell AppAssure 4 software is written so that it will stop trying to transfer a snapshot if it takes longer than a specific amount of time to complete; that way if something goes wrong it won’t continue to attempt the transfer indefinitely. Because larger drives take longer to transfer, they sometimes go over the time limit.


You need to update the Registry. Be careful not to damage your computer in doing this.

  1. Log into your Replay Core.
  2. Stop the Replay Core Service.
  3. Log into your Replay Agent device.
  4. Stop the Replay Agent Service.

Update the Registry

Open the registry on both your Core and Agent devices to this location: HKLMSoftwareAppAssureReplayEPS, and make the following changes:

On the Replay Agent:

  1. Change the regkey “MaxPackets” to 2 decimals.
    This reduces the number of packets the agent sends to the Core before requiring a response, which lowers the likelihood of a timeout.
  2. Change the regkey “NumOutstandingTpOps” to 4 decimals (unless it’s already set to 2, in which case leave it at 2).
    This helps throttle the IO

On the Replay Core:

  1. Change the regkey “OutStandingReadCount” to 10 decimals.
    This helps throttle the IO.
  2. Create a DWORD called “read_operation_timeout” (without the quotes) and set it to a value of 300000 decimals.
    This extends the amount of time it allows for the transfer before timing out to five minutes (300,000 ms).
  3. Open msinfo32 on your Core and navigate to Components.
  4. Click Storage and select Disks. Look for Bytes/Sector for your repository volume. If the value is higher than 512, stop the Replay core service, create a DWORD in the core registry (HKLMSoftwareAppAssureReplayEPS) calledEnableBufferedIoWorkAround and set it to a value of 1 decimal; then restart the core service.  Replay performs disk IO assuming disks use a 512 byte sector size.  On disks with a larger sector size, Replay may fail during a transfer; this entry helps to counteract that.

If you’re still experiencing the same issue:

  1. Check the msinfo32 on the agent for the Bytes/Sector of the volumes you’re protecting.  If they’re larger than 512, stop the Replay agent service, open the agent registry to:
  2. Create a DWORD called EnableBufferedIoWorkAround and set it to a value of 1 decimal.


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