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Force a Enable Password Reset in a Cisco ASA

You are locked out of your Cisco ASA and need to reset the ‘enable’ password.


To do this, you need to plug a serial cable into the ASA. This can not be done remotely.

  1. Reboot the ASA
  2. Press the ESCAPE button on the boot process when the screen gives you the 9 second count down before it loads the IOS.
  3. Once you complete step 2, you will be in ROMMON mode.
  4. Once in ROMMON mode, type confreg
  5. Once in CONFREG mode, type yes for the first answer and accept the default answers for the next questions, except “disable system configuration?”, select Yes for this.
  6. Once it completes, type boot, at the ROMMON mode prompt and the ASA will reboot.
  7. Let it load and you will be at the enable prompt where you can log into the ASA without a password.
  8. Once in Privledge exec mode, type copy start run, (So that the startup configuration can be placed back into the running configuration).
  9. Once you have your running configuration back, go and change the passwords that you need from the configuration terminal mode.
  10. To get from Privledge exec mode to configuration terminal mode type configuration terminal.
  11. Once you have changed all necessary passwords, change your confreg setting back to there normal status by using the this command:  config-register (Your Register number) “usually 0x0000001 by default.
  12. Write to memory and reboot, then you are all done.


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