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Force GFI Managed AntiVirus (MAV) to Update Its Definitions

GFI MAV won’t update automatically.


The follow steps will walk you through a manual installation of the definitions.  Depending on which part you are unable to complete on the local device will tell us at where the root of the cause lies.

  1. Download the latest definition release from the site: http://www.sunbeltsoftware.com/Business/VIPRE-Enterprise/Definitions/ and save it to a easily identifiable location such as C:temp
  2. Open the command prompt Start > Run > CMD and navigate to the agent program files by typing CD followed by the file path. Typically, this is located at:
  • C:Program FilesAdvanced Monitoring AgentManagedAV
  • C:Program Files (x86)Advanced Monitoring AgentManagedAV
  • C:Program FilesAdvanced Monitoring Agent GPManagedAV
  • C:Program Files (x86)Advanced Monitoring Agent GPManagedAV
  1. Enter the following command: SBAMCommandLineScanner.exe /applydefs C:temp<File Name of the new definition file>

  2. You will see the following results and your definitions will be up to date.


Note: Replace C:temp with the directory where the definition sbr.sgn was downloaded and replace CSE39-EN-12846-F.sbr.sgn with the name of the downloaded file

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