Each and every one of your staff members has a job to do, and it’s up to you to provide them with the tools they need to effectively get work done. But if you’re struggling with a slow Internet connection, you’re leaving your employees unable to get work done to the best of their abilities. This takes a huge toll on morale while causing major delays in day-to-day operations and overall efficiency.

That’s why we’re offering FREE Internet filtering for the next 90 days. Sign up now to discover the world of difference a quick and reliable internet connection makes in the workplace. Call (225) 706--8414 or email us at info@puryear-it.com.

You might not realize it, but every moment lost due to a slow Internet connection is costing you big time in:

  • Wasted payroll dollars
  • Missed business opportunities
  • Slow task and/or project completion
  • And much more

Puryear IT partners with OpenDNS to give you the best Internet filtering solution available on the market. OpenDNS allows you and your staff members to rest assured knowing you’re able to:

  • Block all types of threats including malware, botnets, and more over any app, port, or protocol while accessing network security activity in real-time with constantly updated reports.
  • Reduce support costs as a result of less slow PC performance issues/malware infections occurring, which means your staff members can stay productive without having to call for urgent help.
  • Maintain productivity in the workplace as there’s no need for anyone to wait around until a webpage loads or a file downloads – your staff can simply get work done quickly without hassle.
Are you ready to experience the incredible cost savings associated with an Internet connection that’s quick and reliable?

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