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In June, we lost air conditioning in our office twice. We love this office–it’s in a great location in the middle of the city, but that doesn’t mean that things don’t break. While the A/C technician was determining the issue and getting the parts to fix the unit, we were without any cooling. This lasted for two days on the first occasion and three days on the second occasion.

If you live in Louisiana, especially Baton Rouge, you know this isn’t exactly livable. At one point, I came to the office to check on the temperature and found that it was roughly 98′, which isn’t pleasant.
Fortunately, we were able to leave the office and work. It was easy for us. And most businesses think they too can do this easily, but they can’t. How will you receive your incoming phone calls? How will you get to your files on the network? Are you able to access your work email?
For us, all of the mission-critical services that Puryear IT utilizes to function are cloud-based. Our Exchange server is hosted by one of our technology partners, our Professional Services Automation (PSA) software–which runs our company–is hosted, and even our phone system is hosted in the cloud, allowing us to simply pick up our phones and bring them with us. This means we were able to say to ourselves “I’m not staying in this office”, and actually EXECUTE on that statement. We were fully operational the entire time, including the ability to handle incoming calls.
Disaster Recovery (DR) isn’t just about being able to recover lost data if your server crashes or your building goes up in flames, it’s about Business Continuity (BC) and the ability to function even if your entire staff has to suddenly drop everything and move to a new location without bringing anything with them.
At Puryear IT, we understand DR and BC because we live it. If you want to learn how we can apply the lessons we’ve learned to your business, let us know.

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