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Controlled growth in IT and business

Puryear  IT is expanding! We recently brought on Information Systems Specialists, Inc., of Gonzales, expanding our reach and expertise. Great!

But so what? What value does this type of acquisition bring to our customers? And, by relation, to us? If we simply increase in size to be able to say “Hey, we’re bigger!”, does that translate into profitability, customer satisfaction, or, honestly, anything?

One of the pitfalls I’ve seen in other companies, particularly in IT companies, is the need to BE BIG. I recently had a conversation on this very issue with my peers, and I was told in very strong terms that being BIG does not mean being happier, or more profitable, or a better company. Instead, it’s how you leverage your resources and how you engage your customer (whoever that is).

This goes for for you too if you’re a CIO or Director of IT. It’s very common for an IT Department to want to grow in size, to have more equipment, more people, a larger helpdesk. But, so what? How does that translate into value?

Let’s take the helpdesk as an example. If you are increasing the size of your helpdesk  to reduce call hold times for your end-users, are you actually increasing value to your company? Would it be better to invest in user self-service tools? Like the ability to reset passwords or access online knowledge bases and training sites for your company’s applications?

Big is not always better.

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