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Generating a list of all email addresses in Exchange 2007+

You need to get a list of all valid recipient addresses on an Exchange server (e.g., to get a list for Mail Essentials Online).


This is most easily done with the Get-Recipient cmdlet in the Exchange Shell.

  1. Log on to the Exchange server and launch the Exchange Shell from the Start Menu
  2. The Get-Recipient cmdlet generates a lot of output so you’ll want to filter it a bit.  Also, the emailAddresses field can potentially have multiple values so you’ll need to expand it. Finally, you’ll want to save the output to a file for easy access::
    Get-Recipient -ResultSize unlimited | Select -Expand emailAddresses | Export-CSV recipient-list.csv

That CSV will contain a list of all valid recipients, including some that are not “real” addresses (such the Discovery mailbox) that would need to receive mail from external senders.

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