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GFI MailEssentials Online: Import Existing PST Archives to GFI Archives

Import .pst archives to GFI via FTP

Note: This will require use of an FTP client such as FileZilla or WinSCP. WinSCP will be used in this example


This article assumes you are already logged into MEO Domain Management and have already added users to GFI Archive

  1. Go to the Archive tab, Click Import Messages, Click Generate a password for this session
  2. Using the SFTP information generated in the last step, load your FTP program and connect to the GFI server
  3. Browse to and select the .pst file to upload. Click Upload
  4. Click OK at the Upload prompt
  5. Once the Upload has completed, go back to the Import Messages page in your web browser. You should now see the .PST file, click Next at the bottom of the page
  6. Check the box for the .pst to import into the archive
  7. Scroll down, leave the defaults to allow GFI to use email headers to assign messages to archives, click Start Import

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