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GFI MAX Alert Emails Not Sending to Customers

When using GFI MAX with AutoTask integration and alert emails are not sending do the follow steps.


You can fix this in the Client configuration.

  1. Open and log into GFI MAX
  2. Select the client that you need to set alerts for
  3. Select “Edit” and then select “Edit Client”
    GFI Console
  4. Select “Alert Routing” and input the E-Mail address(es) in the E-Mail fields
  5. Click “OK”
    GFI Console
  6. Now select “Settings” and “PSA Integration”
  7. Select “Configure”
    GFI Console
  8. Un-Check “Disable Outage E-Mail Alerts” and click “OK”
    GFI Console
  9. Test it by creating a ping check that will fail
  10. Run the checks and you will receive an E-Mail

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