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MAXIMIZE How You Use Google Drive and Tools.

Google Drive is a combination of online file storage and document management tools. You can store and share files in the cloud, and synchronize them across your all your devices.  It’s free, cloud-based, and has the edge over other platforms when it comes to real-time collaboration

Google Drive has been evolving over the past few years and has now gone to the next level. They are, in a sense, competing with Microsoft Office, so Google created a complement to tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Draw, etc. in their version.  This makes it easy the manage and work on your documents inside Google Drive.

  • How to Get Going: Simply sign up for a free Google email account.  When you sign in you’ll see your Google Drive in the upper right.  You’ll get 15GB of storage for free, and you can upgrade to 100GB for only $1.99/month, and to 1TB for $9.99/month.  When you store your files online in Google Drive, they are accessible from wherever you are as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • Sharing: Set up permissions and levels of access to share your files with co-workers (view only, edit, etc.). A “people” icon will show up on the data you share. You can also right click and share a file by entering someone’s email address.
  • Upload Photos: You can upload photos to your Google Drive, but a better option is to upload them to Google Photos, where they don’t take up any of your 15GB of storage.
  • Set Up Folders and Files to Access Them Quickly: Apply a “star” to the folders and records you need to access often.  You can also color code folders as you wish.
  • Organize and Manage Your Files Efficiently: Set up new folders, name them and just drag them into the corresponding folders of your choice.  Depending on what the document type is, it will have a corresponding icon (docx, pdf, jpeg, xlxs, pptx, etc.), along with the file size.  (Tip: Convert all of your documents into Google versions. When you save them, you won’t consume any of your valuable storage
  • View Details About Your Files: For every file you create, Google posts details on the right when you click, so you can see the activity that took place, who did what, when, and preview files.
  • Search Function: You can search for a file based on name, type of file, and more.
  • Settings: Change how your data are viewed, how photos are added to your drive and much more to make Google Drive work for you.
  • Apps: You have the ability to add applications (third-party or Google apps) on your Google Drive, and even use apps to create a website.

Google Tools

  • Create Word documents in Google Docs:  Insert images, format text, and add tables.
  • Add-Ons for Docs and Spreadsheets: Take advantage of mail merge, bibliographies, templates and more.
  • Find: Go to “Tools” and click “Explore.”  You can search on the Internet while you’re in Google Drive to add information or images to your documents.  Right-click on the paper to show where you found it.
  • Image Formatting:  Crop, make transparent, change colors, and do more to create the images you want.
  • Import:  Import Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint files, photos and more into Google Docs.  Microsoft Word formatting can be retained, or you can open the file in Google Docs to convert the file to a Google format. (When you do this, you may need to change some of the original formattings.)
  • Share:  If you’re collaborating on a document you can see who is or isn’t online editing or viewing the file. Plus, you can communicate with them in real time.
  • Open with Google Docs & Easily Edit Files:  Open a pdf file in Google Docs and you’ll be able to edit it easily rather than copy and paste the text. You can do the same with images, like receipts and scanned documents. Google Docs has OCR capabilities.

Give Google Drive a “Test Drive” and find out for yourself how it can help you store, share and manage all your files.  For more information, contact the Google Drive Experts at Puryear IT at (225) 706-8414 or info@puryear-it.com

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