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How to Keep Track of Everything with Google Keep.

Google Keep is a straight-forward, simple-to-use application.  It’s an online note-taking application, much like Evernote or Microsoft OneNote.  All you need is a Google Account to use it, and go to: keep.google.com

So, why should you use Google Keep instead of  Evernote or OneNote?

If you don’t like the complexity of Evernote and OneNote, Google Keep is for you. And, Google Keep works on all your devices.  Because it’s loaded in the cloud, you can use it on your PC, Mac, Android or iPhone.

With Google Keep you can:

  • Make different kinds of notes, including texts, lists, images and audio files. Take notes, upload voice files, videos and photos.
  • Make TO-DO lists, checklists and set reminders. You’ll have access to this information from anywhere.
  • Upload recordings from events, meetings or discussions for safe keeping.
  • Take advantage of its OCR
  • Add the Google Chrome extension to quickly note key items online while surfing the web.
  • Share your files and info with others who you designate, and who have a Google account.

Google Keep:

  • Is easy to use, where Evernote and OneNote can be complex and hard to understand. It keeps things simple.
  • Because it’s simple, it’s fast.
  • Has a consistent and quality search function.
  • Is 100% web-based, with access from anywhere, on any device.
  • Has apps for both the iPhone and Android.

Critics Share Their Pros and Cons.

In a January 2016 review, JR Raphael of Computerworld wrote that “Keep is incredibly close to being an ideal tool for me to collect and manage all of my personal and work-related notes. And, as evidenced by the fact that I continue to use it, its positives outweigh its negatives for me and make it the best all-around option for my needs,” praising what he calls Keep’s “killer features,” namely simplicity, “easy universal access,” and native integration with other Google services. However, he characterized Keep’s lack of formatting options, the inability to undo or revert changes, and a missing search functionality within notes as “lingering weaknesses.”

In a July 2016 review, Jill Duffy of PC Magazine wrote that the interface was best described as “simplicity,” and criticized it for offering list- and gridviews that did not make finding information quick or easy. Adding that “Most of my notes are text-based recipes, which are quite long,” Duffy said the list view was “even worse” than the gridview, due to it only showing “one note at a time, and it’s the most recently edited note.” She wrote that the web interface was lacking in functionality present in the apps. The mobile apps offering users to take a photo and run optical character recognition to have the scan turned into text was described as a “shining star,” and that “It’s an amazing feature, and it works very well.” She also criticized the lack of formatting options, and that sharing options “is possible but not very refined.”

Find out for yourself.  Give Google Keep a try!  Go to:


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