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Puryear IT Thrilled to Welcome Sheri Caraccioli as New HIPAA Compliance Specialist!

New addition will provide tremendous strategic benefits for Baton Rouge healthcare organizations

HIPAA ComplianceThe group of IT experts at Puryear IT are thrilled to be welcoming Sheri Caraccioli to head their HIPAA Compliance as a Service sector. Puryear IT has long been serving a large number of healthcare organizations in Baton Rouge and their enhanced focus on HIPAA compliance is a direct move to help better those clients and other healthcare agencies looking to take hold of technology.

HIPAA compliance is a top priority for all healthcare providers and similar businesses who support direct healthcare providers. Failure to meet regulations can result in hefty fines, poorly maintained security, improperly trained staff and lax protocols that leave business data vulnerable to hack or breach. These combined weaknesses can often result in costly lawsuits and even business closure in the worst cases. Puryear IT is committed to doing whatever it takes to help Louisiana healthcare organizations stay compliant and protected.

By streamlining compliance needs into one easy-to-use tool, Puryear’s HIPAA Defender platform is the quickest and simplest way for healthcare professionals to maintain and manage compliance. This cloud-based all-in-one package offers a complete risk assessment, security training for staff, HIPAA Policies and Procedures made available for staff reference, access to the HIPAA Compliance Portal and security incident reporting among other useful compliance tools and financial protections.

To optimize the impact that the HIPAA Defender platform will have for Baton Rouge healthcare agencies, Puryear IT is thrilled to be welcoming Caraccioli to serve as a full-time and dedicated account manager. Caraccioli brings years of experience in healthcare and HIPAA to the Puryear team and more directly to the HIPAA Defender service-offering. Her contributions as a HIPAA compliance account manager will make a huge difference for healthcare agencies looking for meaningful, informed support.

“Sheri has a great understanding the technology pain points specific to healthcare organizations and knows all the technical points and vocabulary to be a valued partner.” Puryear IT CEO, Dustin Puryear says. “She will be able to quickly assess client practices and assist them in launching HIPAA Defender for their practice. It all comes down to adding a personal touch. Clients will have a central point of contact for learning more about the HIPAA Defender platform and how to best apply HIPAA Compliance as a Service to any practice. We’re thrilled to welcome Sheri Caraccioli and her expertise to the Puryear team!”

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about the importance of HIPAA compliance for healthcare practices and what this new addition will mean for organizations that partner with Puryear IT, please don’t hesitate to reach out to CEO Dustin Puryear for an interview.

Dustin Puryear, CEO – Puryear IT
dpuryear@puryear-it.com(225) 706-8414 x1112

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