Not sure? HHS and OCR have committed to stepping up enforcement of all HIPAA regulations all across the country. This means they will be paying your office a visit sometime soon.

Are you prepared?

Don’t become another statistic, face hefty penalties – or even put your practice at risk.

Register right away and reserve your seat for this important and informative online seminar and get the inside scoop on all the latest enforcement policies with HIPAA and what your practice needs to know. Puryear IT wants to invite you to this very special webinar on June 10th at 10 a.m. CST, which is focused on HIPAA compliance and why your medical practice must comply with the latest regulations.

Remember: It’s no secret that the HHS and OCR are stepping up enforcement of HIPAA, and we want you to be 100 percent prepared. Don’t wait until they knock on your door to become concerned. Now is the time to be ready.

According to HHS, 70 percent of the market is not HIPAA compliant, while CMS states that 79 percent of Meaningful Use Audits result in failure. Find out why and how to avoid common mistakes.

Learn secrets about and tips on protecting your reputation and avoiding fines. You will learn why:

  • A Risk Assessment is NOT enough
  • Your Risk Analysis is outdated and needs to be completed yearly
  • Your Policies and Procedures are outdated and are NOT enough
  • Your employees must attest to each Policy and Procedure
  • Employees must complete HIPAA training each year
  • You NEED to have a Culture of Compliance
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Protect Your Medical Practice From Becoming Another Statistic!

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