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How to Effectively Write with WordPress

You want to write documentation-style WordPress posts, but consider doing so to be tedious. For example, using multiple screenshots can be painful to do by default.


There are a few things you can do to turn WordPress from a pain to a pleasure when writing documentation-style posts.

  • Use a real screenshot tool. Don’t use keyboard commands in Windows to take screenshots if you need to take several and then insert them into a post. Use a tool such as FastStone Capture, which gives you a ton of power, lets you edit a screenshot before saving, etc. For best results, set it to run on login and always have it available.
    Always redact/edit out private information before posting a screenshot!
  • Upload  screenshots in bulk. Always save all of your screenshots and upload them in bulk to save time. You can do this via the Upload/Insert tool. Instead of using the Browse feature, just drag&drop all of your screenshots to the drag area and save the images to the gallery.
  • Insert screenshots in bulk. This is the real pain. By default, in WordPress you have to insert each screenshot one at a time. No way! At Puryear IT, we use the Faster Insert Image plugin. It adds a Faster Insert below the post so you can drag&drop images without clicking on the Upload/Insert tool and you can also click the select button on each image to insert all images immediately. No more single image upload and inserts!
  • Use full-screen mode. When editing a short article, using the default windowed view in WordPress is fine. But for larger articles, or articles where you are inserting a lot of images, click on the full-screen icon to change to full-screen mode. Much better!
  • Insert images in bullet or numbered list using a newline. When you are editing a list in WordPress, just hit the key combination Shift-Enter to create a new, blank line in the current bullet point. Insert your image in that space!
  • Don’t guess on with Tags! Tags have a very specific use and are meant for high-level categorization. Don’t use it to tag every keyword possible. For most sites, like Puryear IT’s website, we have predefined Tags (e.g., Microsoft Windows, Cisco) that are used. You can see common tags by clicking on “Choose from the most used tags” below the Tags box in the Edit Post screen.


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