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How To Print All of Your Autotask Service Desk Tickets

You are assigned several tickets in Autotask Service Desk and want to print them out as a report.


This is done using the Reports tool.

  1. Log into Autotask
  2. Ensure the left-pane Menu is enabled
  3. Click on Service Desk
  4. Click on Reports in the Menu pane
  5. Click on Ticket Detail
  6. The Report Criteria screen will appear. Ensure the following:
    Account Name is blank
    Contract Name is blank
    Set Resource Name equal to your user account
    Select all Queue Names
    Select all Ticket Status other than Completed
    Ensure the following fields are enabled: Ticket Number, Ticket Title, Account Name, Assigned To Resource Name, Create Date, Due Date, Status, Priority
    Group By Account Name
    Order By Ticket Number
  7. Click Generate

That will generate the report. Click on the Print button within the Autotask window to print the report.


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