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How To Restart a Windows Service Remotely/From Another PC

There are times you need to restart a Windows Service from another PC. You need to be a Local Admin on the remote box to do this. Generally, that means you are in the Domain Admins group, which gives you Local Admin rights.


Note that this is typically done in an Active Directory setting so that you have remote admin rights on all boxes. You need to be logged in as a domain admin or your AD account must be a local admin on the target machine.

  1. From the Run dialog (or Search field for Server 2008/Vista/7), run compmgmt.msc
  2. Highlight the Computer Management (Local) at the top of the left-hand pane. From the menu bar, select Action > Connect to another computer. Enter the name of the remote machine and click OK
  3. The top of the left-hand pane should change to Computer Management (compname). Expand Services and Applications > Services. The middle pane should update with the list of services on that machine.

Select the service you need to restart, right click on it, and select restart.

There you go!
ATKB# 324

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