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How to Implement AD Directory Sync for Office 365

You are moving to Office 365 and want to sync your local AD to Office 365 for user information and password sync.


Make Preparations to your local Directory

  1. If syncing existing AD users to existing Exchange Online accounts, you will need to set the users email address using Active Directory Users and Computers
    1. Launch Active Directory Users and Computers
    2. Go to the users’ property sheet
    3. On the General tab, enter the email address
  2. For the sync, the users local UPNs will need to match your public domain. If you use a non-routable domain, e.g. mycompany.local, you will need to add your public domain to your directory using Active Directory Domains and Trusts. If your internal domain name is the same as your public domain name, skip this step.
    1. Launch Active Directory Domains and Trusts
    2. Right click the AD Domains and Trusts Root and click Properties
    3. Key in your public domain name, click Add and then click OK
  3. Using Active Directory Users and Computers, ensure the UPN matches the public domain.
    1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers
    2. Go to the User Properties sheet and click the Account tab
    3. Under User logon name: select the correct domain name from the combo box and click OK
    4. Each user to be synced with Office 365 will need to have the correct UPN set


Set up Directory Sync

  1. Log into your Office 365 Portal, navigate to Active Users and click Set up next to Active Directory synchronization
  2. Activate Directory Sync by clicking Activate under 3. Activate Active Directory synchronization.

    Confirm by clicking Activate again
  3. Run IdFix to track down potential obstacles to running a successful directory sync. IdFix is not covered by this article with one exception:
    If IdFix returns a topleveldomain error, the UPN is not routable and must be updated prior to running DirSync
  4. Directory Sync setup
    1. Click the Directory Sync Download button
    2. Run the installer, accepting the agreements and default settings. The installation may take some time to complete
    3. Once the installation is finished, ensure the Start Configuration Wizard box is checked and click Finish
    4. Click Next
    5. Enter your Office 365 Administrator Credentials and click Next
    6. Enter your local AD Administrator Credentials and click Next
    7. Click Next on the Hybrid Deployment page
    8. Check the Enable Password Sync box and click Next
    9. Once the configuration finishes, click Next
    10. If Directory Sync throws an error after the initial setup, log out and log back in with the account specified in step 6 and rerun the Directory Sync Configuration.
  5. Activate users synced from your local Active Directory
    1. Log into the O365 Admin Portal and navigate to Users/Active Users
    2. Find one of the newly synced users and click Activate Synced Users
    3. Set the user location, choose the license to be used and click Activate
    4. Click Finish once the licenses have been assigned

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