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Importing a Project Schedule into an Autotask Project

You are building out a new project in Autotask and want to import the project schedule from an Excel file.


This is possible via the Autotask Import from Project Planner tool.

You must be a project administrator to perform this function and IE must be properly setup for Autotask.

  1. Log into Autotask.
  2. Click on Projects.
  3. Locate and enter into your project.
  4. You will be in the Project Summary screen.
  5. Click on Schedule.
  6. Within the Project Schedule window, click on Tools->Import from Project Planner
  7. The wizard will open. Click Browse and select your project CSV and click Open. (I will discuss this file shortly.)
  8. Click Next.
  9. The wizard should open the CSV and import into a sample output window. If it looks correct, click Finish.
  10. The wizard will now import all of the phases and tasks.
  11. Once completed, click on Close.
  12. You should see all of the phases and tasks in the project now.
So the big question is the format of the project planner CSV file. A template for this file is available in Autotask. You can get the most current copy from your manager. The file has several columns: Type, Task Name, Starting, End Date, Description, Est. Hours, Department Name, and Work Type.

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