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Improving the Call Quality for RingCentral VOIP Phones

VOIP is choppy, causing interruptions, especially during peak work hours.


To improve the quality of your calls, you can set how much network bandwidth to use for calls:

  • High Bandwidth – gives you better sound quality but calls can become choppy when it’s not available.
  • Low Bandwidth – gives you lower sound quality but ensures no interruptions during your conversation.

Use the “Low Bandwidth” setting.

  1. Login to the RingCentral web portal.
  2. Click “Settings” at the top. Then, on the left hand side, click “Phones & Numbers”.
  3. Then under “Phones” click the phone you want to change.
  4. In “Phone Details” select “Bandwidth Settings” and change to “Low”.
  5. Click “Save” and “Done”.

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