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Increasing the SharePoint Quota in Office 365

Your company uses the hosted Sharepoint that comes with Office365 and you’re receiving email alerts that look something like this:

You are receiving this e-mail message because you are an administrator of the following SharePoint Web site, which has exceeded the warning level for storage: https://your-domain-name.sharepoint.microsoftonline.com/. To see how much storage is being taken up by this site, go to the View site collection usage summary: https://your-domain-name.sharepoint.microsoftonline.com/_layouts/Usage.aspx.


  1. Log in to your Office365 dashboard as a user with administrator privileges for the Sharepoint site; if you received that email above, your normal user should have all the rights you need. Click the “Manage” link beneath Microsoft Office 365 > SharePoint in the middle of the page.
  2. Click the “Manage Site Collections” link (top of the list under “administration center”).
  3. You will be given a list of sites you can administrator.  Above the site list, next to the search box, is a break down of how much space you have left (12902 MB in the image below).  You need to make sure you have space to expand the site before continuing.
  4. If you hover over one of the collections with your mouse, a checkbox will appear in the left-most column.  Find the collection mentioned in the email and check that box, then click the “Storage Quota” button in the ribbon.
  5. In the first field, increase the value shown, making sure not to set it higher than the available space remaining.  Make sure to click “Save’ at the bottom of the form.

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