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Injecting Drivers into BartPE/UBCD4Win

You can’t see a network or disk driver when you boot a BartPE CD. You want to install a driver into BartPE or UBCD4Win.


It’s pretty simple. Just inject the driver. To do so, download the driver and copy the directory to bartpedrivers……, depending on the type of driver.

To provide an example:

You have a Dell R710 with a PERC 6/i. BartPE won’t see any virtual disk under the PERC 6/i by default, so you need to make the driver available to BartPE.

  1. Go to dell.com and download the driver “Dell – Driver” under SAS RAID Controller when you enter the Dell R710 service tag at support.dell.com for drivers.
  2. Extract the driver, which goes under c:dellRXXXX.
  3. Copy c:dellRXXX to c:ubcd4windriversscsiadapterRXXXX
  4. Run the UBCD4Win program to create an ISO.
  5. You can verify the driver was injected by reviewing the UBCD4Win log file.



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