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Inserting a Multi-page PDF into a Word Document

You want to insert a multi-page PDF into your Word document.


I am using Microsoft Word 2013 and Microsoft OneNote 2013 for this example.

If you wish to insert a single-page PDF, that’s simple:

  1. In your Word document, click on Ribbon->Insert->Object->Object
  2. Choose your PDF type (e.g., FoxIt Reader PDF)
  3. Choose your PDF file
  4. Insert

However, that doesn’t work for multi-page PDFs because it only inserts the first page!

You have to get a little tricky for multi-page PDFs. Here is how I do it.

  1. Open your PDF.
  2. Print to your Microsoft OneNote 2013 printer. Let OneNote create a new note.
  3. You will see multiple objects in the Note, one for each page.
  4. Copy and paste those individually into your Word document.

Works great for me and only takes a few seconds.

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