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Install AppAssure Replay 4 on Server 2012

You want to install Dell AppAssure 4 on Windows Server 2012.


Server 2012 has been out for a while and many tech’s are having to move to the new OS. Replay 4 does not support using 2012. It’s support stops at 2008 R2. AA v5 is now the go to backup system for 2012 and beyond. However, as many tech’s have come to learn over time, it is not easy moving to an unfamiliar backup system. Many would prefer to add it to the existing Replay 4 system.

Below is how to install Replay 4 on Server 2012.

  1. .NET 3.5 must be installed on the server, follow this link on how to do so.
  2. Right click on the Full install of Replay 4 and select Properties.
    2014-08-12 10_44_47-
  3. Go to the compatibility tab and select Run this program in compability mode for: Windows 7 and set Privilege Level as Run as Administrator.
    2014-08-12 10_45_22-ReplayFull- Properties
  4. Run the installer as you normally would for the Replay Agent, installing all pre-reqs and the program itself.
  5. Once installed you can go to the Replay 4 Core and add the server as a protected Agent.

You will receive errors in the Replay Core saying that the OS for this protected machine is not recognized, however all backups should run with no problem.

This error is due to the fact that Replay 4 is not built to recognize Server 2012.

C:UsersdherringDesktopAA4 20122014-08-12 10_45_22-ReplayFull- Properties.png

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