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How to install the GFI MAX Backup manager on a Linux Server

You are using GFI MAX Backup and want to backup a Linux server.


This article assumes you already have a working GFI MAX Backup and need to add a Linux device to the backup.

  1. Connect to your linux system via SSH:
  2. Log in with you root credentials!
  3. Use wget command to download the MAX Backup install from http://cdndl.maxfocus.com/iaso/iaso-linux-i686.run
  4. Now use the chmod command to give execute-permissions for installing the software.
  5. Now you will run the .exe by typing the following cmd “./iaso-linux-i686.run”
  6. Walk through the installation. It will prompt you for the following you will insert the data when prompted and hit enter to continue to the next step.
    1. Device name
    2. Password
    3. Encryption method
    4. Encryption key
    5. Proxy server


The above is the basic install for more advance install instructions click the following link.



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