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Install the ITbackup eFolder Agent on Linux

You want to install the ITbackup eFolder agent on Linux.


You need to download the agent and then run through a few installation steps.

We’ll basically follow eFolder’s instructions on this subject.

  1. Download the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Linux agent from the eFolder site to your Linux server. The file will have the name format of setup-efolder-backup*. For this example, we have setup-efolder-backup-cmdline-linux-x64-3.7.9.zip.
  2. Unzip the file:
    -bash-3.2# unzip setup-efolder-backup-cmdline-linux-x86-3.7.9.zip 
  3. Go into the unzipped directory:
    -bash-3.2# cd efolder-backup-cmdline-linux-x86-3.7.9 
  4. Run the installer:
    -bash-3.2# ./install.sh
    Extracting setup package…
    Installing efolderbackup to /var/efolderbackup in 3 seconds.
    efolderbackup Version 3.7.9 (Build 120919e.R)
    Created the new configuration file: /var/efolderbackup/efolderbackup.conf
    Installation of efolderbackup finished.
    To uninstall, run the /var/efolderbackup/uninstall.sh script.
    Be warned that this will remove the entire /var/efolderbackup
    directory, including your settings and incremental backup cache.

The eFolder agent is now installed!


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