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Howto install the Cloud Management Console for MaxBackup

You need to install the Cloud Management Console for GFI MaxBackup so you can control all of your MaxBackup sites.


  1. Choose the Language for your Cloud Management Console
  2. The setup wizard will start click next on this dialog box
  3. Leave the default destination of the install and click next. Note you can change the destination if needed.
  4. Click finish to complete the install.
  5. Now you will launch the Cloud Management Console. Start>Programs> Cloud Management Console.
  6. When launching the Cloud Management Console for the first time it will prompt you to log into your account. Click new login
  7. Complete Partner, Login or Email, and Password fields and click save and connect.
    See the following links that were used as references to create this blog
  8. How to log in to the Cloud Management Console
  9. Installation of the Cloud Management Console
  10. How to use the Cloud Management Console 


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