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Install the RingCentral Softphone on your PC

When using RingCentral for VOIP telephony or fax, you should always install the RingCentral Softphone so you have maximum control and features.


The installation is simple!

  1.  Log into  www.ringcentral.com.
  2. Click Tools in the bar across the top.  From the dropdown choose “softphone”.
  3. On the next screen choose “Download for 32-bit MS Office”.
    NOTE: Even 
    if you are running a 64-bit OS, it is 99% likely you are running 32-bit office.  The installer will not allow you to run the wrong one so for most users choose 32-bit and if it tells you on install that it’s the wrong version then try the 64-bit.
  4. After the download completes run the installer and press “Next” and “I Agree” until the software is loaded.
  5. On initial setup you will see a window that pops up like this:
  6. The information you fill in here is separate from the Ring Central Fax Personalization documented here:  http://puryear.wpengine.com/?p=5784.
  7. Fill in the information here to YOU individually not the company default info.

  8. When complete your Softphone will be ready to use!


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