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Install Spiceworks Server

You need to set up a new Spiceworks server.


This is done by downloading the installer and running it on a Windows computer, preferably with 100 GB+ free space and 8 GB+ of RAM.

  1. Download the Spiceworks software from http://www.spiceworks.com/downloads/
  2. Run the Spiceworks installer. By default, the server will run on port 80 but you can that if needed, then click Next.
  3. Accept the license and click Next.
  4. You’ll want to install NMap and WinPCap so leave the box checked and click Next.
  5. Choose where to install the software; the defaults usually sufficient so click Next.
  6. Spiceworks will now install; just let it run
  7. You’re done; just click Continue to open a browser for the new Spiceworks server
  8. Login with your Spiceworks account and start going through the setup wizard

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