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Install Windows Software Using the Command Line via PsExec

You need to install software (packaged as a MSI) remotely onto a machine without interrupting operation.


This can be done using SysInternals PsExec.

  1. Make sure that the remote machine has access to the network share where the MSI is located.
  2. Use the following command to install the MSI package.
    C:> psexec \remote-machine -u “DOMAINAdmin” -p “password” cmd /c “msiexec.exe /i “\SERVERSoftwareSoftware.msi” /quiet /norestart”

If all goes correctly, you should get the following output:
cmd exited on remote-machine with error code 0.

Error code 0 actually means the command executed successfully. You can verify the software installed correctly by using the following command:
C:> psexec \remote-machine cmd /c “wmic product get name”

After a slight delay, you should get an output of all the software installed on the machine. You can then look for the software you installed in the listing to ensure that it installed.

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