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Installing AppAssure Agent using Push


After the initial Core/Agent install, you should use the Push Install method to install the Replay Agent on client machines. This document describes how to configure and then use the Push feature.


  1. Log into the Console.
  2. Right click <SERVER>->Push Agent.
  3. The Push Agent dialog will open.
  4. Select a target machine for the agent.
  5. Click the Right Arrow to add to the Selected Machine(s) field.
  6. Click Next.
  7. If this is the first time that a Push Agent has been done, we need to define the default credentials. Click Set Default Credentials.
  8. The default credentials will be the AppAssure Replay Agent AD account we created during the initial installation. Also, this is confusing, but the default Domain Name supplied will NEVER WORK! The Push Wizard will supply the friendly domain name, but you must enter the AD FQDN, e.g., mydomain.local.
  9.  Click Ok.
  10. You will see your target machiens and the button Validate All. Click Validate All.
  11. Once validated, you should see the green checkmark above. Click Next.
  12. Unless you have permission to reboot the target machine(s), select Do Not Reboot After Installation or the remote machine will reboot!
  13. Click Next.
  14. Click Install All.




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