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Installing Cobian Backup on your PC

You want to install Cobian Backup on your PC.

What you’ll need is a relatively new PC running Windows XP, Win7, or a Windows Server and a USB disk.


As Cobian is agent-less, it’s very easy to install. There is also a installation tutorial on the Cobian website.

  1. Download Cobian via its download page. For our example, we’ll use Cobian Backup 11 (Gravity).
  2. Launch the Cobian setup program (cbSetup.exe) after the download completes.
  3. Click Next on the Welcome screen.
  4. Accept the License and click Next.
  5. The default installation options are usually fine. Click Next.
  6. Almost without fail, you will want Cobian to run as a Service so that the backups will run without you needing to login. Ensure the installation type is As A Service.
  7. In the Service Options, you need to enter administrator credentials. Warning: Rarely, if ever, should you use “Administrator”. If you ever change the Administrator password, you’re passwords will stop working. If you are using AD, create a service account name “cobiansvc”, and if this is for the local PC only, use “cobiansvc” as a local user. Make the user a Domain Admin if you will be using Cobian to backup network computers.
  8. Once you create the user, you’ll want to put the information in the Service Options screen. Click Next.
  9. Now click Install.
  10. Once done, and assuming all is well, you should see Cobian running in your System Tray.


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