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Installing GFI MAX RemoteManagement via GPO

You need to push the GFI Max software to all machines in the domain via a GPO.


You can use a GPO to push the software. You need to first download the GFI MAX MSI installer.

  1. Log into GFI MAX Dashboard.
  2. Click Agent->Download Site Installation Package (customized).
  3. The Download Site Installation Package window will appear.
  4. The primary access key user name is not your GFI MAX login, but the primary login used when GFI MAX was initially set. NEVER, EVER use your own GFI MAX username.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Choose the correct Client and Site for the customer. Use the default Agent version.
  7. Click Next.
  8. You have the option of downloading the Group Policy Installer or the Remote Worker Installer. Download the Group Policy Installer to your Desktop.
  9. Click Close.

Next, you need to place the files in the downloaded archive into a public location that is network-accessible to every PC. As an example, you may do something like this:

  1. Log into a DC
  2. Create a folder D:ShareFilesGPOFiles
  3. Share GPOFiles to Everyone:R
  4. Create the directory D:ShareFilesGPOFilesGFIRMM
  5. Copy the .msi and .zip file found in the downloaded GFI archive file to D:ShareFilesGPOFilesGFIRMM

Now create the GPO:

  1. Open the Group Policy Management utility by going to Start > Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management
  2. Create a new GPO named “Software – GFI MAX RemoteManagement”
  3. Right-click and edit the new GPO.
  4. Expand Computer Configuration > Software Settings > Software Installations
  5. In the right-hand pane, right-click and select New > Package
  6. Locate the MSI file via the share you just created and select it. Be sure to access via the share, not a local path!
  7. Select “Assigned” for the deployment method.
  8. Close the Group Policy Object Editor window.
  9. Run “gpupdate /force” on a machine that should be affected by the GPO.  If it asks you to logout, do so.  The package should be installed during the next logon.

Note: By default, it will take 1 or 2 reboots before the software is installed via the GPO.


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