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Installing the MyFile File Server Agent

You have the MyFile Cloud file server enablement and want to install the agent on your file server.


You need to install the normal agent and then follow a few extra steps.

  1. Install the software agent on the file server but do not complete the Registration Wizard.
  2. Create a new MyFile Cloud account via the Cloud Portal:
    1. FirstName: <SERVERNAME>
    2. LastName: <SERVERNAME>
    3. Email: <SERVERNAME>@<SiteEmail.Tld>
    4. Password: <COMPLEX PASSWORD>
    5. Organization Admin: NO!
  3. Go back to the Registration Wizard.
  4. Enter the email and password you just created in step #2.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select a Typical installation.

Now that this is done, you have the agent registered. The next step is to enable sharing of the files from the file server.

  1. Go to the Portal.
  2. Click on Machines.
  3. Under your server, click “Enable Mapping”.
  4. You will now see the options Map Folders for the server.
  5. Click Map Folders.
  6. Select the folders to map.

WARNING: Any folders you click will be synchronized with the cloud file sharing. So if you select 20TB of data, it will go into the cloud!

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