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Installing SkyDrive Pro and syncing it with Sharepoint.

You want to install and setup SkyDrive for use with SharePoint.


You need to install SkyDrive Pro, not the consumer version of SkyDrive.

Before I proceed I want to say that Microsoft actually has a wonderful article on SkyDrive here.

  1. Now to get things rolling first you’ll need to download the program.  Microsoft provides Skydrive free for download.
  2. Run the installer & install SkyDrive.
  3. Run the program from: Start>Programs>Microsoft Office 2013>SkyDrive Pro.
  4. When it pops up it will ask you for a library to sync (this is the location/folder that you want synced).
  5. Don’t worry, you can sync more than one, but it only asks for an initial library to get started.
  6. You can add additional libraries to sync via the program in the bottom right system tray or through sharepoint itself.

If you have any issues please refer to the Microsoft doc at the top of the page.


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