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Installing social media templates into GoldMine 9.2

You need the GoldMine 9.2 templates installed.


The GoldMine 9.2 installer includes a zip file of additional “templates” that must be installed after the program is updated.

  1. Extract the templates from the provided zip file into a normal folder.
  2. Launch GM and login as the “master” user.
  3. Open Web > Setup GM+ View  from the menu bar.
  4. In the “Template List” group, click the “Import” button.  Navigate to the folder where the files templates are extracted, select one, and click OK. You should receive a response like the one below, saying that the import was successful.
  5. Repeat step 4 for each template in the zip file.
  6. If you receive an alert like the one below saying there is already a template by that name, you will need to either delete the existing template, rename the one you are importing, or ignore the imported one if it is the same as what is already in GM.

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