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Is Dell trying to change the game?

We’re an AppAssure VAR. We love the product! Dell bought them. We occasionally use SonicWALL. Good products, although I prefer the Cisco PIX/ASA way of doing things. Dell bought them. Make Technologies? Acquired by Dell. Wyse? Acquired by Dell.

Dell’s mission is to provide inexpensive enterprise-class features to everyone. Dell already moved in this direction with their purchases of storage-focused companies like EqualLogic (2007), Exanet (2010), Ocarina (2010), and Compellent (2011). So now what?

The SonicWALL purchase is going to lead to Dell offering security devices direct to its customer base, rather than being forced to resell the equipment of others. Just like at how Dell now offers PowerConnect for its high-end line of switches rather than Cisco. Within a year, we’ll see Dell-branded SonicWALL equipment for use in extranet, VPN, and firewall solutions. DellWALL?

The Wyse purchase is interesting. Wyse is a leading provider of thin client solutions. Dell sells servers and desktops. BREAKING NEWS: Desktops are slowly but surely on their way out as corporate terminal servers and cloud-based virtual desktops gain traction. (Well, in fact terminal servers have been around for ages, but there has been a new round of adoption in the past two years.)

The purchase of Wyse will allow Dell to get front and center in the terminal server and cloud-based virtual desktop space. And because Dell ships SO MANY servers for use in virtualization projects, this is a great strategy for them.

The AppAssure purchase leaves the most to the imagination of course. AppAssure provides Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) for the enterprise. [DISCLAIMER: We are the AppAssure VAR for Louisiana, and, frankly, we love the product.] AppAssure includes the ability to replicate images to other AppAssure servers. Between the BMR, replication, and Exchange/SQL/SharePoint features of AppAssure, Dell has a lot of options in the SMB and enterprise-backup space. This will be interesting to watch!

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