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Why IT Security Management Is Essential For All Business Sizes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom and pop one or two-person operation, small to mid-sized business, or large corporation – diligent IT security management is a must. This seems like an obvious statement, in light of the huge increase in ransomware attacks, email fraud and phishing schemes, and other cyber exploits, but it can’t be overstated. The management of your IT security should not be overlooked – indeed cannot be overlooked – if efficient, productive business operations are something you value.

IT Security Management

We agree with ComputerWeekly.com on the subject of IT security management when they say that, “Information is the engine of global enterprise, and fit-for-purpose information security is fundamental to managing global enterprise risk… Users are waking up to security rights and expectations, causing public-facing organizations to tighten privacy policies. And the commercial imperative for information security is gaining momentum as more companies outsource or offshore operations and demand full mobility of their staff.”

IT Security Management Questions

Here are some questions you’ll want to adequately answer as a business owner interested in effective network security management:

Does your IT security management protect your (and your clients’) sensitive data at every turn of the networking road?

Do you have an updated antivirus scanner that can detect and neutralize all virus and malware exploits?

Do you have vital security management features such as:

  • Patch management that keeps your business software up-to-date?
  • Vulnerability scans and reporting via proactive monitoring?
  • AuditSafe – an audit report management in a safe offsite repository, that helps to keep your business compliant with government regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, SOX compliance and more?
  • UserCare — addresses the security of the end-user experience directly, with Host intrusion detection systems (HIDS), or network intrusion detection systems (NIDS), for a more secure IT infrastructure?

The Sound Management of Your IT Security is Worth the Investment

With Puryear IT on task, the SecureIT add-on can be bundled with any level of UserCare service to give you Enterprise-quality security measures, including an email retention archive, encryption for both Mac and Windows desktops, and more to keep the security health of your business network robust, responsive, and alert. Another quote from ComputerWeekly.com helps make the case for top-tier IT security management:

“Information security should, of course, have in place a framework for responding to incidents and threats. But it must also be prepared to take longer-term action to proactively defend the business against future threats and enable it to take full advantage of changing business opportunities.”

We at Puryear IT believe that statement to be unequivocally true, and we partially base our IT security strategies upon it (amongst other foundational beliefs). Better IT security management must be both focused in the moment and on the long-term for optimal IT security strategies to be effective – for businesses of all sizes.

Now’s the Time for Better IT Security Management

If you need an IT security consultation, contact a knowledgeable IT consultant with Puryear today. We’ll be glad to help you with a comprehensive assessment of your current computer network security status. Call us at (225) 706-8414 or email us at info@getfasterIT.com for more information.

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