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IT Security Services

Is your business’ valuable data properly protected against digital threats?

Cybercrime is an ever-present threat to modern businesses. Without up-to-date and varied security measures, successful hacks can compromise your customers’ and employees’ sensitive data and harm your systems, resulting in costly downtime. This is why Puryear offers IT security services in Baton Rouge.

Don’t put your business at risk! To learn more about IT security solutions from Puryear IT, give us a call at (225) 706-8414 or send us an email at info@puryear-it.com.

Why Does Your Business Need Cyber Security Protection By Puryear IT?

Small businesses in Baton Rouge should be especially wary of cyber criminals, as they often target smaller operations on the assumption that there will be less effective IT security measures in place.

Inadequate security can result in serious consequences for your business, including:

  • Data Theft: Whether it’s your employees’ personal information or that of your customers, insufficient security will leave it all vulnerable to external threats.
  • Brand Reputation: No matter what kind of damage control you attempt after a successful hack, your company’s brand will never be the same, which will affect your profitability and potential down the line.
  • Further Costs: The cost of damage control, loss of business and any hefty fines for industry compliance violations will only add to your troubles after your business has been hacked.

What Will Puryear IT Do To Keep You Safe?

Puryear IT is proud to be a trusted digital security provider for Baton Rouge businesses. We offer comprehensive security measures as a part of our service offering to see to every possible vulnerability in your IT infrastructure, including:

  • Vulnerability Scan and Reporting service to identify and address any vulnerabilities in line with the latest emerging digital threats to keep your business safe against the most recent methods of cybercrime.
  • Office 365’s industry-renowned email encryption service to ensure that your lines of communication are dependable.
  • Our ITmonitor service provides active monitoring of your hardware around the clock to identify and neutralize threats as they occur.
  • Full management of the security of your WiFi with industry leaders Meraki WiFi to keep your business safe without sacrificing the convenience of wireless Internet.
  • Patch Management to ensure you have up-to-date firewalls and anti-virus software to protect against malware, hacking, and other digital threats.
  • Our AuditSafe service keeps your business compliant with government regulations (HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, SOX, etc). Puryear IT takes the stress out of audit report management by overseeing the entire shipping, storage and review process for audit reports. By storing them in a safe offsite repository, we keep your reports safe, while still completely under your control.
  • The UserCare service addresses the security of the end-user experience directly, to ensures that no detail is overlooked. The SecureIT add-on can be bundled with any level of UserCare service to give you Enterprise-quality security measures, including an email retention archive, encryption for both Mac and Windows desktops, and more.

Keep your business secure against cybercrime! Check out our IT security services in Baton Rouge, To protect your Baton Rouge business’ network against any digital threats, contact Puryear IT at (225) 706-8414 or info@puryear-it.com today for more information.

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