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Business IT Survey

How do you get competitive edge with the new IT?

What separates companies that can leverage the fast changing and developing technology from the ones that do not?

A tool for assessing how the existing IT execution and management supports the overall competitiveness of the company to achieve more marketshare, better margins, and smoother operation.

  • Business focused
    Non-technical; management and business focused online survey made for CEOs.
  • Quick but comprehensive
    It consists of 26 questions, and completion takes about 30 minutes.
  • Workshop for report
    Rates how well your organization compares to others in relevant industries.
  • Benchmark
    Rates how well your organization compares to others in relevant industries
  • Measure the unmeasurable
    Gauges the ability of your IT operation to execute its top priorities.

The IT competitiveness quotient…

ITCq – is a short, web delivered survey made for CEOs. It gauges your organization’s likelihood of getting value from IT and the overcoming barriers to competitiveness.It’s a tool that helps CEOs improve the overall performance and value of their IT operations by measuring and addressing factors aligned with the seven principles of competitiveness through technology.

and the assessment..

Unlike broad audits and surveys, ITCq is specifically designed as a management action tool. Each question is defined by a series of standard behaviors that, if identified as being low, can be strengthened to improve the level of execution and, in turn, positively impact results.

What do our figures show?

Thriving organizations manage and execute their IT in line with their most important objectives. The inability to align IT with the company’s’ changing business model is a universal problem that has been defined as one of the greatest challenges of business today.

“The overall information assets are vulnerable and the data security is not managed well – only 35% of companies have data recovery tests to check whether their systems can be restored if a disaster happens”“The internal members, third parties and contractors are not efficient or professional enough – only 23% of company CEOs are sure about the expertise level of their key vendors”

“IT operations are not measurable and controllable – 85% of companies feel that IT Budgets overrun tremendously”

“The overall IT service delivery is not proactive. It is not clear who is responsible – only 10% of companies have a practice to evaluate and stop IT functions and systems to free up resources”“Overall, IT is not driven by strategy and lacks business sense – only 22% of companies have a clear practice to build a solid IT strategy”

“IT operations are not transparent for non technical CEOs – 22% of companies do not know who is responsible regarding issues related to IT processes”

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