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Dustin Puryear Joins WAFB To Talk Tech

Puryear IT’s founder was recently consulted on air about the iPhone feature that is worrying parents – “AirDrop”.

Though not a new feature on Apple’s line of smartphones, it’s only recently that AirDrop has begun to worry parents, specifically because of what it could expose their children to.

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This feature allows users to spontaneously send messages, pictures, or videos to other users in the same area without warning. Recipients need only to tap a prompt to view what’s being sent. The worrying part is that, by default, this feature is based on proximity and nothing else. You don’t need to be connected in any way other than proximity to use AirDrop with another person.

“You can just be sitting at the LSU Stadium, and somebody thirty feet away that you’ve never met could send you a digital image, you could click a button and it would open the image,” said Puryear on WAFB. “You could be a five-year-old, or a fifty-year-old, and receive an image that’s not appropriate.”

Puryear continued, explaining that often the latest features to be added to smartphones can cause security issues like this. As smartphone technology has evolved over the past decade, more and more issues like this have come up.

“As things have shifted to mobile devices, for several years actually, security was reduced because corporate systems had less control over the mobile devices,” continued Puryear. “In particular, people’s home and personal mobile devices are still insecure, and the AirDrop issues are great examples of that”,

Fortunately, parents can take measures to prevent their children from receiving unwanted AirDrop content. Simply go into the phone’s settings, tap AirDrop, and set to “Contacts Only”. That way, only contacts in the phone’s collection of contacts are able to send AirDrop content to the phone.

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