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Managed IT Services In Baton Rouge

Is Managed IT Services Right For Your Company?

Managed Services are a set of best practices, processes and tools that, when combined with technical knowledge and proper facilitation, delivers an ideal result for businesses.

Essentially, when you choose Puryear IT as your Managed Service Provider (MSP), you outsource your entire IT department for greater efficiently, a better end-user experience, and lower costs.

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How Can Managed IT Services Help My Business?

Puryear IT provides a range of managed services offerings to help your business keep costs low and productivity high. By selecting us as your strategic partner in business technology support, you can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Peace of Mind: Can you imagine how much less stressful your daily work life would be if you knew that all your business technology worked the way you need it to? In a nutshell, that’s what managed services do for you business; Puryear IT provides effective IT solutions to ensure that your technology is effective, secure and reliable.
  • Maximum Uptime: The bottom line of IT support is how often and for how long your system is down due to issues, updates, repair, etc. With Puryear IT on your side, you can enjoy minimal downtime, which keeps your employees active and on schedule.
  • Strategic Planning: Effective IT support not only helps you on a day-to-day basis, but in the future as well. With our Chief Information Officer service, you can enjoy expert consultation on every business decision for ideal technology alignment.

What Managed IT Services Are Right For Your Business’ Needs?

Puryear IT offers a range of managed service plans to ensure that each client, no matter their size or needs, can find just what they need without having to pay for anything extra. With key factors such as your company’s size and needs in mind, we can easily determine which plan best suits you:

  • 10 – 100 Company Users (UserCare) : By focusing directly on the user, Puryear IT can provide comprehensive attention to each facet of your business’ IT infrastructure to ensure it meets your needs. With flexible service levels and add-ons, this service is ideal for businesses that need IT on a per user basis with fully outsourced management solutions.
  • 50 – 250 Company Users, and Outsourced Server/Network Support (ITmanage Plus) : This is designed specifically to manage the entirety of your network and server support needs. In addition to the gamut of industry-standard support services for these aspects of your system, you can also choose to add on CIO Plus, which offers long-term strategic planning and vendor consultation services. All this and more comes under a single monthly rate that’s competitively priced and easy to budget.
  • Project Work, and “As-Needed” Services (ITadvantage Plus) : This convenient service provides the Network, Server and Desktop support you need for a monthly fee with set hours that can be based around your unique needs. Any issue you may have with those facets of your IT system can be addressed and remedied by our expert technicians as quickly as possible. The best part is that even if you don’t use your paid hours for the month, they simply roll over to the next one! This is ideal for businesses that need total management of an upcoming project, whether it’s a total replacement of servers, a company-wide migration to a newer version of software, or otherwise.

Let us handle your IT needs so that you can focus on your business’ goals.

For more information about our managed services in Baton Rouge, Contact Puryear IT today at (225) 706-8414 or info@puryear-it.com.

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