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Manually Download and Install the AppAssure 5 Agent

You want to manually download and install an AppAssure 5 agent.


You can download it via the AppAssure Core.

  1. From your AppAssure 5 Core Home page, go to Tools > Downloads and click the ‘Download web installer’ link.
  2. Browse to the downloaded file location and run the installer
  3. Click Yes if prompted by UAC
  4. Wait for the installer setup to finish
  5. Click Next at the Welcome screen
  6. Select the option to accept the license agreement and click Next
  7. AppAssure will check for required software. If prompted, install whichever items are missing. Once all prerequisites have been installed, click Next
  8. Choose the Destination Folder where AppAssure will be installed. Click Install
  9. Click Finish to reboot your computer
  10. Follow <Add Link Here> to add the manually installed agent to the AppAssure 5 Core to be backed up

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